What it covers:

NUWAL Panels are protected under our lifetime warranty when used in your home’s interior. This lifetime warranty means that if any abnormal damage comes to the panels themselves, whether it’s a crack, scratch, dent, or chip in the surface, we’re here to fix it. This protection includes:

What it doesn’t cover:

Our lifetime warranty is limited by the application, installation, and unexpected damage that may come to your panels over time. These exceptions include:

  • “Act of god” events
  • Nailing or damaging panel in any way (only panels damaged are excluded from warranty)
  • Exterior use, including:
    • Siding
    • Flooring
  • Improper application, for example:
    • Not cleaning dust off wall/surface, resulting in panel becoming unstuck
    • Failing to use caulk and staples when installing City Brick or Alpine Bluff Stone
    • Cutting panels with tools not recommended — aka scissors, knives, etc.
  • FYI: NUWAL Panels is not responsible for covering the cost of repairs needed for any damage to wall from removal. 

The full details

NUWAL hereby warrants to Purchaser its decorative finishing products (“Products”) for a lifetime from the date of purchase for interior use, that is not exposed to exterior atmospheric and weather conditions, against manufacturers’ MSDS non-conformance and degradation and fading. The foregoing Express Warranty is subject to the standard provisions listed herein.

Standard Provisions

  1. NUWAL warrants that the Product will not experience change such that the Product does not simulate the appearance of the original article that the Product is replicating. Warranty coverage as to excessive fading of color is limited to that in excess of ASTM-B-659-80 No. 8 rating. The measurement of fading or chalking shall be made using the Gardner Laboratory Jacobson Chalk Tester. Fading must be in excess of 5 NBS units. Color measurements shall be made with a color meter, designed to adequately measure color by reflectance measurements of Tristimulus values, said measurements to be made by a representative of both parties. This warranty does not apply to color defects that are not noticeable at a distance of five feet or to hairline cracking, or to the Products’ reverse side finish. NUWAL Products, like other surfacing materials, will experience some degree of fading with long term exposure to UV and atmospheric conditions. As is typical with most products, NUWAL Products that are exposed to continuous abrasion, such as foot traffic and scrubbing, may experience normal wear and tear and experience some loss of surface color and texture. Warranty does not cover loss of surface color and texture due to normal wear and tear.
  2. This warranty does not apply to, or cover, defects or damage caused by, or associated with, a) defects in or failure of any part of the foundation or wall movement of the building, b) building settlement, c) earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, or other acts of God, explosions, fires, riots, or civil commotions or acts of war, d) falling objects, scraping, or damage to any part of the warranted Products caused by physical blows, e) the hanging or suspension of weight, f) contact with or exposure to chemicals or foreign substances of a corrosive nature, g) contact with or exposure to water contaminated with lead, iron or other metallic substances, h) contact with metal or other fasteners not related to installation instructions and procedures, i) staining, j) any cutting, scoring or sanding of the Products not related to installation instructions, k) improper installation or any installation of the Products which does not follow Product installation instructions, l) use of any installation materials other than those specified in the Product installation instructions and specifications, m) use of Products on structures which do not conform to local building codes, n) defects such as air pockets and blemishes not found on the finished textured surface of the Product, and that are not visible or exposed to weather upon installation. o) damage caused by or during shipping and handling of the Products, p) failure of the Products Transfer Adhesive due to continued exposure to moisture.
  3. This warranty does not apply to installation materials or any other associated materials that are not manufactured by NUWAL or NUWAL designated manufacturers. This warranty does not apply to NUWAL Products that are used in exterior applications.
  4.  In no event shall NUWAL’s liability under this warranty exceed the replacement of the defective Products, nor shall NUWAL be responsible or liable for the cost of labor to remove and replace defective Products, or for any special, indirect or consequential damages or loss to the building, its contents or material.
  5. In the event of any defects in the Products covered by this warranty, Purchaser must notify NUWAL after the discovery of such defects within 90 days, or the Purchaser shall be barred from any remedy for the breach of this warranty. Purchaser shall present to NUWAL such evidence that establishes any claimed nonconformance or defect was due to a breach of this warranty, and NUWAL shall have a reasonable period of time to verify said nonconformity. NUWAL’s liability for breach of this warranty shall be limited to replacing the nonconforming products.
  6. NUWAL makes no warranties, either express or implied, beyond the face hereof, including: in no event shall NUWAL be liable for loss of profits, or any other incidental, consequential or special damages. This warranty shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with laws and customs of the State of Colorado.
  7. All notice given to NUWAL pursuant to this warranty shall be in writing and sent by certified mail, postage prepaid, return receipt requested, as follows:

ATTN: NUWAL Warranty Dept.
3044 Adriatic Ct. Peachtree Corners, GA 30071