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Peel-and-Stick Wall Panels for Bathrooms

Transform your bathroom into a statement space of luxury and sophistication—with a price tag and setup that is anything but. 

The bathroom is often one of the most overlooked spaces of the home when it comes to design. Often due to astronomical remodeling prices, limited space, and little use (other than the obvious), bathroom designs are typically simple, minimal, and sparse. But what if your bathroom was more?

You deserve a space that echoes the elegance, creativity, and warmth found throughout your home, and NUWAL can make it happen. Reimagine the space with our peel-and-stick wall panels for bathrooms, featuring authentic textures that perfectly resemble the look and feel of true stone, wood, and brick. 

Peel and stick over your existing tiles. 

To simplify the installation process, you can simply place your new stick-on wall tiles directly over top of your old ones. This DIY hack allows you to add an extra layer of security and durability while saving time and money spent on the removal process. However, if you’re ready to start a new slate from scratch, Nuwal’s peel & stick for shower walls and tub surrounds are a total alternative to classic tiling. They create the same waterproof resistance as your original tiles. For a realistic tile aesthetic, we recommend applying grout around your tiles to create a classic look.

Hydrophobic, stain-resistant, and life-proof. 

Nuwal’s stick-on wall tiles create an impervious barrier around your shower, tub, or bathroom walls, with a 100% solid elastomer surface that ensures no water or soap scum is absorbed through. This shield-like nature also means that staining, rusting, or mildew is a problem of the past. It also means that any liquids or substances that contact your stick-on wall tiles can be simply washed away with a little elbow grease. To clean your self-stick tiles, simply wipe away any buildup with a classic tile cleaner. 


Our stone styles are the most popular texture choice for peel-and-stick wall panels for the bathroom. They create a dimensional aesthetic that is luxurious and sophisticated while being budget-friendly.

Alpine Bluff

Structural protruding stone tiles that add texture, shadow, and depth to your space. 

Rugged Stacked Stone

Flat self-stick tiles that create effortless elegance in seconds with true stone details.

Natural Sandstone

Classic stone self-stick tiles with realistic texture for a crisp, clean, and minimalist look.


Mix up your bathroom’s aesthetic with the addition of our warm wood textures. Faux wood shower walls infuse a soft ambiance in your bathroom, perfect for bath lovers and private spa enthusiasts.

Country Barn Wood

Farmhouse wood texture featuring knots, divots, and ridges found on real weathered wood.

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Cabin Pine Wood

Cozy wood grains mimicked from pine patterning, perfect for creating a homey cabin atmosphere.

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