Country Barn Wood Ash – Peel & Stick NUWAL Panels


Bring the beauty of the vast open country into your home with Country Barn Wood NUWAL Panels. Available in 3 original shades of Desert, Ash, and Rustic Brown you can infuse that vintage farmhouse style into your home while saving money, stress, and time. Featuring authentic wood knots and grains molded from the real thing, your guests will be amazed when you tell them your new home textures aren’t from an actual barn (or don’t tell them, we’ll keep it a secret).

Country Barn Wood Ash – Peel & Stick NUWAL Panels

Unlike the raw wood found on a country barn, NUWAL Panels won’t warp, splinter, dent, or damage your home (or family.) And with a simple peel & stick adhesive backing, you can create custom accent walls, headboards, cabinetry, and beyond in seconds. With a slim and flexible panel profile that can be easily adhered to any wall or surface without taking up space, your home can transform into a warm and inviting scene before your eyes.

Keep in mind that your panels are individually manufactured by our NUWAL team. They may not perfectly reflect the grains and hues in our featured photos.



Pioneer material
All NUWAL Panels are made with lightweight polyurea, a man-made sprayed on material commonly used for truck bed liner. Also used as an impenetrable tank containment liner, our polyurea panels are 100% waterproof, extremely scratch and stain-resistant, and impervious to sun damage as one of the most UV stable materials on the planet. And best of all, no one else in the game has the technology of Polyurea that we have, with other competitors using polyurethane in their panels, which is less durable, reliable, and stable, reducing its lifespan and versatility.

Adaptive application
The power of polyurea lends a hand to its flexibility of use, allowing you to install NUWAL Panels on virtually any surface. Install your NUWAL Panels on bathtubs, backsplashes, walls, headboards, and more with simple peel & stick installation in minutes. Follow along with our recommended installation tips from the founders themselves to ensure you’re making the most of your new panels. Click here for our complete installation recommendation.

Authentic texture
When it comes to realistic depth and dimension, none others hold a candle to that of NUWAL panels. Molded from real wood, brick, and stone, NUWAL panels possess the same organic ridges, divots, and textures of their ancestors, even featuring real stone granules in their structure. This mirror-like manufacturing process, when paired with the durability of our polyurea materials, ensures that the final product feels identical to the natural surfaces we’re inspired by.

How much should I order?

How to calculate quantity needed:

Panels are sold in 10 SF or 50 SF packages. To calculate the amount of panels you’ll need, multiply the length X the width of your surface in feet and round to the nearest 10. From there, you can break down the # of packages needed by 50 SF and 10 SF to consolidate packaging.

Ex: 15 ft. long X 20.5 ft. high = 307.5 SF. Rounded to nearest 10 = 310 SF.  Package breakdown: (6) 50 SF packs (300 SF) & (1) 10 SF pack (10 SF).

Panel thickness

Approx. 1/8"

Panel size

23.5" x 8" (varies)

Square footage per panel

Approx. 1.3 SF

Package size

10 SF – Contains 8 Panels, 50 SF – Contains 39 Panels




Peel & Stick


Polyurea & Stone Granules

Panels per pack

8 panels – 10 SF pack, 39 panels – 50 SF pack


NUWAL Panels can be installed in seconds with our Peel & Stick adhesive backing on all styles.

To apply, simply plan out the layout on the space of your choosing, cut panels to size using utility knife (or abrasive saw for Alpine Bluff), and stick onto surface with peel & stick backing.

For full installation tips, click here for our DIY How To.


All NUWAL panels are protected under our limited lifetime warranty when used indoors with proper application. For full policy protection and exceptions, click here.

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