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Our story began in 1999 when a guy named Bruce pioneered the initial process for copying decorative stone siding and reproducing it using polyurethane. These early processes and formulas were somewhat successful at delivering products that simulated the real effect, and have developed into the various formulations of polyurethane replicas that are still used today. These polyurethane products, however, fell far short of what Bruce was striving for, so he continued his mission to find the ultimate materials and processes for replicating decorative surfaces. This process continued to evolve until, with the help of his long-time partner John, they arrived at using a real ground stone surface supported with Polyurea. Polyurea is a super elastomer that is used not only in truck bed liners, but also to coat containment tanks for corrosive materials—in fact, this super elastomer is implemented by leading industries as well as the military, where protection against extreme conditions is vital. Over the years, Bruce and John developed designs and processes that have very successfully delivered remarkable simulations of stone and wood products on a vast array of applications, spawning solutions for interior, exterior, and commerical use. 

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Where we are

After achieving full proof of concept with their new product, Bruce and John teamed up with Lee and Jacques, who brought the expertise in superior materials chemistry, as well as production efficiency. Together, they have advanced NUWAL products and production to the state where today, they are proud to launch their official collection of DIY-friendly interior wall panels to the world.

Where we’re going –

Our journey is still underway — stay tuned for new textures, colors, and application methods that work inside and out.