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NUWAL’s one-of-a-kind DIY wall panels change the game of interior design, with an affordable price tag and approachable setup the whole family can love. It can be hard to know where to start, though. Let our home design experts pave the way.

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Above are just a few ways you can sculpt out a new space with NUWAL’s DIY paneling, but the creativity doesn’t stop here. See how our customers and team leaders are reinventing home spaces one panel at a time by checking out our social media accounts.


Add creative flair and originality to your NUWAL home setup by ordering a few different shades of your DIY wall panel texture of choice. Mix warm Desert tones with cool Ash, and even the unique Terra for a truly signature interior design.

Take the creativity a step further by flipping the DIY paneling design on its head (literally) and placing the panels vertically instead of horizontally. A vertical panel layout is especially alluring for DIY headboard and bar siding application. 
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