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What are NUWAL panels made of?

NUWAL panels are made with a modern elastomer called polyurea, which is commonly used as truck bed liner. Our panels also feature real stone granules on the surface.

How are the textures produced?

All of our panel textures are developed by creating a mold from real wood, brick, and stone slabs to fully capture the unique details found on each natural surface. 

How long will NUWAL panels stick for?

NUWAL panels will stick as long as the manufacturer of our adhesive suggests—currently, the adhesive is shown to stick for life. However, if your surfaces are not properly cleaned or face excess moisture on a daily basis, that can affect the strength of the bond. Ensure all surfaces are clear of dust, grime, and moisture before sticking!

Are they really waterproof?

They really are. The natural chemistry of polyurea ensures complete water and stain resistance.

How do I cut NUWAL panels?

NUWAL panels are naturally designed to split evenly when cut. Simply cut with a utility knife or hand/miter saw (Alpine Bluff style only) along the panels using a square ruler to guide your cut, and fold panel on cut lines to fully separate. 

How do I clean NUWAL panels?

You can clean them the same way you would tile surfaces, with a simple spray cleaner and paper towel or cloth.

Where are NUWAL panels made?

Our original polyurea panel design was invented in Boulder, CO, and currently is manufactured out of our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Are NUWAL panels permanent?

NUWAL panels are designed to be a permanent interior design solution. If you stick the panels directly to your walls, they’re stuck for good. If you do plan on removing someday, be prepared for minor damage and repairs needed. However, we do have a DIY apartment option to transform them into a temporary solution!

Can I use them in my apartment or rental?

Yes you can, just follow along with our recommended apartment installation to create a barrier between your original drywall and the extra-strong panel adhesive. Click here to follow our rental installation!

Where can I use NUWAL panels?

Currently, we only recommend NUWAL panels for indoor use on walls, ceilings, and similar surfaces. We plan on adapting the panels for exterior use and flooring soon. Stay tuned!

Can I put the panels on my fireplace?

We only recommend NUWAL panels to be used on a gas or electric fireplace, leaving the center metal plate free. Please follow proper fire codes when installing. 

Can I hang items on top of the panels?

Yes! Just like your drywall underneath, NUWAL panels can be easily nailed through with a hammer. FYI, nailing or damaging panels in any way will void that specific panel from the lifetime warranty.

When should I expect to receive my NUWAL shipment?

We’re still in the process of refining our production and delivery methods, but currently, you can expect your panels at your door 1 – 3 weeks from the order date.

Are NUWAL panels protected under warranty?

Yes they are—for life in fact. Our limited lifetime warranty covers interior application of NUWAL panels for walls, ceilings, headboards, and fireplaces. Read full policy here. 

Do you have a return or exchange policy?

Yes we do! We can accept returns or exchanges of panels with the adhesive cover intact, in original packaging, up to 30 days from purchase. Read full policy here or contact our customer service team to start the process. 

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How do I remove NUWAL panels?

While we’d hate to see you say goodbye to our panels, we understand that things happen and people move. To remove our panels, we recommended softening up the adhesive with a warm blow dryer, and then prying the panels away with a putty knife. 

Will there be more panel textures and colors available soon?

Yes—every day, our team is hard at work devising new panel textures and shades that match the latest home styles and trends. If you’d love to see a certain shade or texture transformed into a NUWAL panel, let us know! We’re all about making your home design dreams a reality.