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Temporary Wall Coverings for Apartments

Finally, there’s a way to spruce up those drab white walls you’re bound to in your apartment—without causing costly damage in the process. 

We know the feeling. You’re watching a home design show, scrolling through Pinterest, or stumble upon an amazing faux paneling option (ahem, NUWAL), and fall in love with the idea of doing it in your own home. But then the reality sets in— you rent your place, and as such, you have to leave it in its original condition when your lease ends or you’ll lose your security deposit and possibly owe more, making the options for home renovation limited. 

Here’s the thing: while we designed NUWAL panels to be an end-all-be-all interior design solution, you can easily adapt them for use as temporary wall coverings for apartments. Want to know our DIY apartment hack? Keep reading.

It’s not just a place you’re renting— it’s your home. Make it feel like one.


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1. Create a layer of protection between your wall and the panels.

There’s a simple DIY hack to transform our permanent panels into temporary ones: simply add a thin plywood layer to your walls, placing the panels on that new layer so when removed, the panels and layer come off as one. We recommend a thin plywood sheet about 1/4” thick or less to make the most of your money while staying low-profile and lightweight. Measure the space you plan to create your apartment accent wall on, getting the exact length and width needed. Take those measurements to your nearby hardware store and have them cut a plywood sheet to size, spending just a few bucks on the materials.

2. Hang the plywood layer onto the wall with screws. 

Once home with plywood in hand, simply screw the sheet into place on your wall with a power drill. You might need a friend or neighbor to help you position the plywood into place precisely while you drill. Use a stud finder to ensure the screws will hold strong for the length of your lease. We recommend a screw in each corner of your new apartment accent wall, with a few in the center depending on the size.

3. Stick panels on plywood in the layout of your choosing.  

Once your plywood layer is up, all that’s left to do is simply peel and stick the panels on to create your temporary wall covering for your apartment. You’ll finish your DIY wall treatment in minutes. Start by planning out your layout, placing the panels in the arrangement you find most aesthetically pleasing. Once your pattern is laid out, cut the panels on each end to size using a utility knife and protective gloves. From there, all that’s left to is peel, stick, and watch your place transform with your new apartment accent wall à la NUWAL Panels.

4. Remove screws, releasing the apartment accent wall completely.

When the time comes to say goodbye to your place and move on to a new one, removal is done in a snap. Simply release the panels covering the screws with the help of a floor scraper or putty knife, and then the screws themselves with a screwdriver. Make sure you’ve got a good hold on the plywood piece as you bring it down!

5. Seal up holes with spackle and go on your merry way (with panels in hand).

Simply seal up the holes left from your DIY wall treatment with spackle or self-adhesive drywall tape, same as you would with any nail holes. Smooth out the drywall compound with a plastic putty knife and let dry. Sand down once dry to effortlessly blend into surrounding paint and surface, and you’re good to go! Now, your existing wall is as good as new, and your DIY apartment accent wall is still in great condition. Bring it with you to your next place to make the most of your hard work and valued money—and don’t forget to show us the pictures of a job well done!