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How to Install

Instant setup 

All of our peel & stick panels come fully equipped with an adhesive backing that allows you to simply peel, stick, and go. Creating an instantly secure bond on your walls and surfaces that evades moisture buildup and damage, Nuwal Panels will stick with you for life. To transform your living spaces with Nuwal Panels, simply peel, stick, and enjoy the view.

True texture

Our modern peel & stick panels feature real stone granules, giving your new wall paneling an authentic brick, stone or wood look & feel. With textures molded directly from real brick, stone and wood grains, our innovative wall paneling creates a truly uncanny effect complete with the depth & texture of the real thing.
wall paneling

Apartment and kid-friendly 

Nuwal Panels simplify the maintenance process required with classic wall paneling. Our peel-and-stick faux brick, wood, or stone panels naturally evade stains and moisture to allow for easy cleaning. Plus, our lightweight surface is free of jagged dents, exposed nails, or sharp corners, making them a dependable option for growing families. 
Apartment Setup

Low cost

Nuwal helps you save hundreds on home renovations by eliminating the costly labor, hidden expenses, and additional refinishing fees that continue to add up when installing real wood or stone wall paneling. With Nuwal, the up-front costs are the same as the behind-closed-doors costs, ensuring that the value of your new investment continues to build over time. 

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It’s a no-brainer.

$5.95 – 7.95/SF

Nuwal Panels with lifetime guarantee


Real stonework with labor


Real brickwork with labor


Competitor peel & stick wood planks

Costs are estimated and fluctuate by company, location, and season. 

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Secure strength

Nuwal Panels will stand the test of time thanks to the impenetrable polyurea wall paneling material that won’t scratch, fade or stain through the years. The durability of polyurea also means that you won’t have to worry about moisture getting through, with a 100% waterproof panel design and pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that won’t budge or wither away over time. 

What's Polyurea?
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Lifetime warranty

We back all Nuwal Panels with our limited lifetime warranty, proving just how confident we are in the durability of our product. When used indoors and with proper application, your panels will be protected under warranty through thick and thin. To see the full warranty policy behind our peel & stick panels, click below.

Our Warranty

Unearthing the secret to Nuwal

Nuwal models its panels from true wood, stone, and brick, with every grain, groove, and blemish echoed onto our flexible polyurea planks. Polyurea is a cutting-edge elastomer material used on truck bed liners, military tank coatings, and hazardous transportation vehicles. With such a vital purpose, this super elastomer exceeds the durability, longevity, and flexibility of polyurethane and other peel-and-stick paneling options. This creates an impenetrable shield around your home.

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